Communication Resources for Marist IMC Students

While Marist College has many resources to offer their graduate students, it is important for students to consider utilizing different resources and organizations outside of the Marist community. Students pursuing a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications should use these various organizations in the marketing, advertising and public relations fields to their advantage. Utilizing the resources below properly could help students become a part of an active, worldwide community of communications professionals.

American Communication Association (ACA)

The American Communication Association (ACA) is a not-for-profit professional virtual organization that encourages participation of communication professionals throughout the world. Part of ACA’s mission is to remain committed to “enabling the effective use of new and evolving technologies to facilitate communication instruction, research and criticism, and to offering a technologically supportive venue for all who study the ways in which humans communicate.” The ACA aims to provide a collective voice for all people who study and practice the human communication.

National Communication Association (NCA)

The National Communication Association (NCA) is a membership-based organization for communications professionals. The NCA focuses on spreading the appreciation and importance of communication all aspects of people’s lives, as well as applying communication principles to daily life in order to improve the quality of human life altogether.


AdWeek is a useful resource for all students pursuing a degree in the communications field. It is a consistently updated news outlet that focuses on trends in media, marketing, advertising, and technology. Furthermore, it helps to keep all members of the communication community informed while simultaneously assisting in the development and creation of brands and businesses.

Advertising Age

Advertising Age is another resource that is similar to AdWeek. It helps to keep students and professionals in the communication world informed and up to date with topics regarding marketing, advertising, digital and media.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

Marist College is one of 370 colleges directly affiliated with The American Marketing Association (AMA). AMA offers a variety of student membership benefits such as career resources, professional development, leadership development and the opportunity to take part in AMA competitions each year. These resources can help to enhance your professional abilities and launch your career in marketing even further.

Internet Marketing Association

The Internet Marketing Association is made up of members from 78 countries and many represent big businesses and firms. Students interested in the marketing field can use IMA as a networking tool to connect with some of the most successful individuals in the marketing industry.

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is made up of thousands of communications professionals who share the mission to “make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their career.” PRSA provides members with connections to other industry professionals as well as learning opportunities throughout their lives. Furthermore, PRSA offers a variety of programs that offer members many opportunities to enhance their careers.

Networking with other professionals in the communications field is very important to successfully advance in your career. The resources in this article can be utilized to help offer connections to other professionals as well to remain informed about trends in the industry. 

Written by Erin O'Brien '18


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