The Increased Demand For Integrated Marketing Communication Degree Graduates

Increased Demand for Integrated Marketing Communications GraduatesThe idea of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) was first defined by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) in 1989 as “an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.”

As technology and media have evolved over the past two decades, the definition of IMC has adapted and expanded as well. The transition from traditional advertising to a more digital focus has created a demand for marketing professionals who are well trained and well versed in this new digital arena. From this emerged an Integrated Marketing Communication degree, preparing students to take the role of IMC manager and apply their cross-functional marketing and communication knowledge to a future career. As IMC has become increasingly more valuable to companies, the demand for job applicants with an IMC Master’s degree has drastically increased.   

With a Marist IMC degree, students will be able to pursue a variety of careers such as public relations manager, social media specialist, brand manager, and much more. In short, the right IMC degree can unlock numerous opportunities in a world that is becoming more interconnected by the day.

Integrated Marketing Communication at Marist

With demand growing for IMC graduates, it is more important than ever that students make the right choice when it comes to earning their IMC degree. Since 2012, Marist’s IMC Master’s degree has been a leader in the world of Integrated Marketing Communication. Our classes are taught by industry professionals and marketing experts. You will be immersed in the world of marketing, developing and honing your skills on real case studies. Upon graduation, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop multi-layered, strategic marketing plans that maintain a brand’s voice and mission.

Learning from industry leaders isn’t all that sets the Marist IMC program apart. Marist’s program of 100% online classes without a residency requirement is unique within the world of IMC Master’s degrees. This gives you the flexibility to set your schedule and earn your degree on your time.

Marist’s experience in the world of IMC sets a Marist Master’s degree apart from other IMC degrees by providing students with a streamlined curriculum. Graduate students are provided with the skills needed for a successful career in the IMC field in a timely fashion.  Full-time students are often able to complete the 30 credits needed for graduation in as little as three semesters, while part-time students can complete the same in as little as three years (depending upon course load). By providing students with both part-time and full-time options, Marist allows students to choose the program that best fits in with their lifestyle.

Marist assists students with future planning through the Office of Career Services. Marist students can expect assistance from Marist’s career services to secure any optional internships and job placement assistance upon and after graduation. Students will also have access to FoxQuest, Marist’s career services database, both before and after graduation. Marist’s top priority is ensuring students are properly prepared to begin their careers upon graduation and be successful in the many years to follow.

Apply now to the IMC degree at Marist College. If you would like more information about our IMC program curriculum, contact us today.  

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