Benefits offered by an IMC Degree for a Marketing Career

Information for IMC Graduates Looking at Careers in Marketing Agencies

Benefits offered by an IMC Degree for a Marketing CareerUntil a decade ago, Integrated Marketing Communication was a fairly new degree with no visibility to students or employers. But in the ever-changing world of marketing, IMC programs are developing and gaining positive acclaim due to their blending of marketing and communications. Marist College is among a select number of institutions that offer a graduate level Integrated Marketing Communication program. Recent college graduates looking at careers in marketing agencies would be well served to consider an IMC Master’s degree.

The main benefit offered by an IMC degree for a marketing career is found within the versatility of the skill-set that is developed. The challenges for today’s marketing agencies are wide ranging, often demanding that agencies employ those with traditional skills in copy-writing, design, and account management, as well as newer roles like social media consultant, digital developers, and digital content managers. Add to this the fast-paced environment, and it becomes even more imperative that agencies find graduates with a diverse set of skills, and the ability to communicate effectively over multiple mediums. This is where an IMC degree become invaluable.

IMC courses are designed specifically to help graduates gain the foundational principles to establish a career within a marketing agency. These courses include topics like brand management, advertising management, and social media strategies and tactics. The knowledge gained in these classes is directly transferable to work you will perform after your graduate degree is completed. IMC graduates often go on to hold positions as advertising account executives, social media managers, and media brand advisors. An added benefit offered by an IMC degree for a marketing career is the ability to advance. Not only will a Master’s degree set you apart, but the skills you learn will uniquely position you against those with a more traditional education in marketing or communications.

The IMC program is 100% online, giving students the flexibility to take classes when it works for them. We have both part-time and full-time students who develop their own schedule to manage classes and daily responsibilities. Professors are professionals in the field and are dedicated to helping you access all that Marist College has to offer.

When deciding your next career move, look at all the benefits offered by an IMC degree for a marketing career. Let Marist College help you on your journey to success. Contact Marist College if you would like more information regarding our Integrated Marketing Communication master’s degree.

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