Graduate Degrees in Marketing in the Social Media Age

Social Media's Influence on the IMC Degree

Graduate Degrees in Marketing in the Social Media AgeSocial media has drastically changed the way companies communicate with customers, opening a direct line of communication between the two. This conversation in recent years has become increasingly important to marketers to ensure they are providing the services and products that their consumers want. This includes new product production, product improvements and new service offerings. Social media managers and IMC managers are the liaisons between the marketers and consumers, answering questions, posting new content and interacting with consumers on a regular basis. Recent graduates and members of the work force alike can pursue this type of position with a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

The increase in companies using social media has created a high demand for social media content writers, managers and specialists. As evidence, there over 10,000 social media positions currently posted on LinkedIn. IMC managers currently have 2,500 job postings on LinkedIn. Not only are there a wealth of social media and IMC manager positions available, the barrier for entry is such that an IMC degree will quickly set you apart within the marketplace. In addition, starting pay for social media managers and IMC managers is very competitive within the industry, with the average salaries being $47,000 and $117, 000, respectively. With a wide variety and volume of positions available in the IMC and social media fields, an IMC focused Master’s degree is more valuable than ever.

Employers want their employees to be well-rounded and have a full understanding of marketing practices. The Marist IMC program delivers a well-rounded curriculum that ensures Marist IMC graduates have the tools necessary to succeed in the workplace. An IMC graduate has experience within various fields including public relations, marketing, market research and advertising.

The Marist College Integrated Marketing Communications graduate degree program aims to help students complete their degree by offering both part-time and full-time IMC degree programs completely online. The IMC degree focuses not only on traditional marketing, such as market research and brand management, but also incorporates communications based skills, such as public relations and social media management, by providing courses on a variety of topics. By combining these skills into one degree, graduate students will be able to produce a unified marketing strategy that will flow through various channels, including social media, traditional media and advertisements. Students will learn skills in social media management and how to apply that to creating a unified marketing plan across various channels and social media platforms.

When deciding your next career move, look at all the benefits offered by an IMC degree for a social media career. Let Marist College help you on your journey to success. Contact Marist College if you would like more information regarding our Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s Degree.


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