The Importance of Going Back to School for Mid-Career Marketing Professionals

Integrated Marketing Communication Master's Degree for Mid-Career Marketers

Laurie DeJong, President and CEO at LDJ Productions, discusses the importance of going back to school for mid-career marketing professionals.

At LDJ Productions, DeJong and her team are looking for people who have a broad knowledge of integrated marketing communications. It is important for potential hires to be up-to-date on the latest technology, and interested in the big picture of what we do as marketers. At LDJ, they produce events, work with Public Relations, and marketing and experimental marketing companies. This industry is changing so rapidly, DeJong and her team are constantly looking for individuals that have the wherewithal to go back to school and learn.

Marist College offers a competitive Integrated Marketing Communication Master's degree focused on expanding the education of marketing industry professionals. The digital age, along with marketing tactics, is changing year after year. It is important to make sure as a marketing professional that you constantly stay ahead of the game.