IMC vs. Social Media Master’s Degree

Social Media Master’s Degree or IMC Degree: Which is Right for You?

Determining Whether a Social Media Master’s Degree or IMC degree is Right for You. As social media continues to grow and become a crucial part of any comprehensive marketing campaign or strategy, the demand for well-informed social media managers increases. Due to the infancy of the social media industry, students interested in pursuing a career in social media often have a difficult time deciding what graduate degree would benefit them the most. Here are just a few reasons why an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) graduate degree is the right choice.

When comparing Master’s degree paths, it would seem that a Social Media Master’s degree is the obvious choice for those pursuing careers in the social media field. Yes, this degree path will provide you with social media experience and teach you social media-specific strategies and tactics, but it fails to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the marketing world as a whole. An IMC Master’s degree teaches students the foundational principles of marketing in today’s world. You learn about multi-channel strategies and tactics, helping you gain a greater understanding of not only social media, but how you can use it as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The importance of understanding the wide range of marketing roles cannot be understated. Having a firm grasp on roles such as public relations, advertising, research, and analytics will ensure that you are able to create social media plans that match your brand’s messaging and overarching strategy. An IMC degree gives you the tools to accomplish this. With these tools, you can build plans and strategies that complement initiatives throughout the entire company. It is for these reasons that students looking to pursue a social media career would benefit from an IMC degree. Not only will you get the same great education in social media, but you’ll understand its role in the bigger picture.

Social Media Strategies and Tactics Course

Lest you think the IMC degree is too general, Marist College offers a Social Media Strategies and Tactics course, aimed specifically at students interested in social media careers. The Social Media Strategies and Tactics course within the Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree program helps students cultivate social media skills and a deeper corporate understanding of popular media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This degree program focuses on basic social media marketing strategies, insight collection, and brand management initiatives. It is through the Social Media Strategies and Tactics course that students gain the knowledge to ensure success in social media marketing initiatives.

Marist College's Online IMC Master’s Degree

Marist College offers a 100% online Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree to help working adults and other non-traditional students achieve their career goals. This flexible online program provides the same high-quality education and networking experiences as you would expect from comparable on-campus programs, and gives you the power to create your own schedule. Depending upon your course load, as a part-time student can graduate in as little as four semesters. Full-time study options are also available for those wanting an accelerated pace. Not only does the IMC program give you the comprehensive education necessary to succeed in today’s marketing world, it can be earned at your convenience.

If you’re looking to start or bolster your career in social media, the IMC Master’s degree delivers everything you need to succeed. From foundational marketing principles to in-depth social media skills, lasting career success begins here. For more information on our Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree, contact us today.