Top Careers for an Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Degree

Choosing Your IMC Career Path

Top Careers for an Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s DegreeThe Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree is centered in marketing’s reliance upon the various facets of technology. The career paths associated with an Integrated Marketing Communication degree require knowledge of evolving media such as social sharing, blogging, and other hyper-targeted media outlets. These ever-changing trends are building off traditional media, creating a wealth of opportunities for both organizations and job seekers. Choosing your IMC career path isn’t tough when you know that the skills developed in an IMC graduate degree and topics covered in your courses will prepare you to better understand convergence in media. Upon graduation, you can consider some of the following careers in your search as you enter the world of integrated marketing communication.

Integrated Marketing Communication Career Paths

Media Brand Advisor

As a Media Brand Advisor you will act as a branding consultant to companies looking for fresh ways to market their products. Savvy Integrated Marketing Communication Media Brand Advisors can conduct analysis of current company marketing practices to provide solutions on how they can effectively sell their products or services. A career as a Media Brand Advisor typically involves working in an advertising firm with several different clients. If you’re looking for an Integrated Marketing Communication career that will allow you to use your marketing knowledge to help companies thrive, then a career as a Media Brand Advisor is prefect for you.

Advertising Account Executive

Agencies hire Advertising Account Executives to serve as a liaison between the client and the agency in their business practices. Account Executives are tasked with understanding the needs of their clients and relaying those needs to other agency departments. An IMC degree can help Account Executives to understand mainstream media trends in order to effectively communicate desired marketing to the client from the agency performing selected tasks.

Social Media Manager

If you are social media savvy and want to turn your experience into a career, a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communication can help you enter a career as a Social Media Manager. Posting on social media outlets has become an everyday skill, however developing a strategy for the most effective methods for building a brand and engaging users in product ‘conversations’ is a career skill can be crafted through the Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s degree program. This managerial position uses knowledge of consumer base and media trends to formulate bite-sized messages to spread to the public to encourage them to interact with a company’s brand.

Finding the Right IMC Career Path

Choosing your career path after completing a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication will depend on the impact you want to make on a company’s brand, and the skills you find most exciting to use in real-world experience. These top careers for an Integrated Marketing Communication graduate degree are only a few of the many options at which you can excel in as a graduate from Marist College.

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