Graduate Program Directors/Advisors

  • Master of Business Administration for Accountants
    Master of Business Administration
    Master of Public Administration
    School of Management
    Dyson 149

  • Master of Science in Computer Science/Software Development
    Master of Science in Information Systems
    Dr. Eitel Lauria
    Hancock Center 3043
    845-575-3000 x2601

  • Master of Arts in School Psychology
    Dr. Patrick O'Donnell
    Dyson 327
    845-575-3000 x6016

  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
    Dr. Peter delRosario
    Dyson 342
    845-575-3000 x2544

  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology
    Master of Education 

    Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabo
    Dyson 388E
    845-575-3000 x2994

  • Master of Arts in Communication
    Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication
    Dr. Subir Sengupta
    Lowell Thomas 222
    845-575-3000 x2678

  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies
    Emily Pasquerello 
    Hancock Center