About the Proposed Marist College Physician Assistant Graduate Program

The Marist College Physician Assistant graduate program takes advantage of a large, and growing, need for physician assistants (PAs) while being consistent with the mission and values of the College and the School of Science by providing an intellectual, ethical, and skills-oriented education. The curriculum consists of rigorous classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction in the medical sciences. The PA facility, currently under design and construction, will be self-contained with a high-tech classroom and a suite of simulation labs including trauma, surgery, hospital ward, and traditional examination rooms. In addition, the facility will have a full gross anatomy laboratory that will be supplemented with virtual cadavers to support the learning experience.

At the successful completion of the program, students will demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge and application of medical terminology, human structure and systems, clinical elements, pharmacology, pathology, infectious & tropical diseases, epidemiology, and biostatistics;
  2. Evaluation and assessment skills to understand and conceptualize clients' medical issues resulting in accurate diagnoses;
  3. Personal and professional growth in sound interpersonal skills and self-awareness (intrapersonal) skills within their interactions with clients, colleagues, and supervisors, as well as conflict resolution;
  4. A practitioner-scientist approach through the application of research methods and critical thinking skills relevant to the practice of medicine, such as in needs assessment and human evaluation;
  5. Ethical and professional conduct within the standards of the profession, in their relationships with clients, colleagues, supervisors, and faculty; and
  6. Engagement in career advancement and professional identity development through activities such as membership and participation in professional organizations, for example the American Academy of Physician Assistant, New York State Society of Physician Assistants, etc.

Quick Facts from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for Physician Assistants

2012 Median Pay:  $90,930 per year
Entry-Level Education:  Master's degree
Number of Jobs, 2012:  86,700
Job Outlook, 2012-22:  38% (Much faster than average)