Alumni Profiles

Meet alumni of Marist's graduate programs

Graduate students at Marist represent a diverse mix of individuals from New York and beyond. Whether you're studying on campus, online, or through one of our partnerships with regional employers, small class sizes mean you get to know your classmates and they get to know you. Not only will you be able to immediately apply classroom content to the work environment, but you will also establish a network of professional peers who are as committed to their future as you are.

Priyanka Thacker Brad Whitmore Jaimie Pinto
Priyanka Thaker Brad J. Whitmore Jaime Kristin Pinto
Software Development Public Administration Communication
2007 2006 2008
Diane Davis stanley harris Maggie OBrien
Diana Kendall Davis Stanley Harris, MD
Lt. Maggie O'Brien
Mental Health Counseling Communication Business Administration
2008 2006 2009
susan boyer nicole gesh steve hudson
Susan Boyer Nicole Gesh Steve Hudson
Mental Health Counseling Communication Public Administration
2006 2008 2008
louise frank laura sciacca christine whitley
Louise Frank Laura Sciacca Christine Whitley
Information Systems Mental Health Counseling Communication
2009 2009 2009
Luis Carter, Marist College MPA graduate  Marist College  Marist College
Luis A. Carter  Jessica Contino  Victoria Curnan
Public Administration  Initial Teacher Certification  School Psychology
1995  2011 2011