Advancing Your Government Sector Career

Master's Degree for Government Jobs

Advancing Your Government Sector CareerGraduate students can advance their government sector careers by choosing the Marist MPA degree program. Alumni of Marist College are continually employed in local, state, and federal agencies through the United States that concentrate on healthcare, law enforcement, and human services. Their accomplishments speak to the career opportunities in government offered by Marist’s MPA.

The Marist MPA offers three specialized concentrations in public management, ethical leadership, and health care administration. Choosing which program concentration is best for you is as simple as deciding which administrative career you want to pursue. If you are someone who is interested in formulating policy for hospital practices, then the health care administration MPA is a path you may want to consider taking. If you are interested in ensuring best practices are followed in the public sector, you may want to enroll in the public management concentration. If you are someone who is interested in critical thinking and problem solving dilemmas faced by our nation’s leaders, then public management may be an ideal concentration. Whichever path you decide to take is sure to advance your government sector career.

Choosing the best Master’s degree to advance your government job can begin with Marist. Our programs work to prepare graduate students to take on leadership roles in non-profit, government, and public roles. Graduates are prepared to not only handle crisis situations when they arise, but to also effectively manage organizations through diverse structures. All MPA students take an opening course on organizational theory and change, which explores group dynamics, power structures, culture, and reactions to change. As a government sector manager it is imperative to be prepared for a constantly changing environment and plan for the reactions of your employees to those changes. The environment of government sector jobs is dynamic but can be easily navigated with quick, ethical decisions. By providing yourself with the opportunity to advance your career with a graduate degree, you will move from experiencing the effect of a fast paced workforce as an employee to managing and implementing the policies that create the environment as a leader and decision-maker.

Contact Marist to begin learning about how to advance your government sector career. Take the initiative and move your career forward as a Master’s in Public Administration graduate student. 

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