Careers in Healthcare Administration

Prospective Careers for those with a MPA in Healthcare Administration 

Careers in Healthcare AdministrationOnce you walk across the stage at graduation with a MPA degree in Healthcare Administration, you may wonder what your next step should be. America’s aging population has increased the need for skilled, dedicated, and effective professionals to enter into careers in healthcare administration. Marist College prepares graduates of the Master’s in Public Administration program with the skills and experience to be successful within the field of health care and healthcare administration. This diverse concentration provides ample opportunities for graduates looking to work in the ever-expanding world of health care.

Today, it is estimated that 300,000 people serve in the healthcare administration field, ranging from middle management positions to CEOs. MPA in Healthcare Administration careers revolve around leading hospitals, physician group practices, nursing homes, home health care agencies, and rehabilitation centers. Health care managers may be responsible for overseeing or running the group’s services, facilities, programs, staff, and budgets. Each of these experiences continues to build off the education learned at Marist College. Due to the sensitive nature of health care, and the importance of being an effective leader, it is crucial healthcare administration graduates are able to create personal connections and contacts. Such positive interpersonal skills must be utilized not only with the public, but also through staff relationships and subordinates.

Marist’s MPA in Healthcare Administration program allows all students to continue their education, while advancing their experience in the field through optional internships. Graduates of the Marist MPA program must be prepared to take on leadership roles and any challenges once they leave our institution. Graduates will be equipped with critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills. In today’s field, it is not uncommon for a healthcare executive to address a conflict regarding competing values, such as personal, organizational, professional and societal values. This is when Marist’s high standard for educational excellence will guide graduates as they become leaders in their chosen field.

If you believe that Marist’s MPA in Healthcare Administration is for you, contact Marist today. Begin learning about Marist’s opportunities, and prospective careers with a MPA in healthcare administration to enhance your future. 

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