Masters in Criminal Justice vs MPA in Law Enforcement 

Choosing A Law Enforcement Master's Degree

Masters in Criminal Justice vs MPA in Law EnforcementMarist College’s MPA for Law Enforcement master’s degree is designed to offer new opportunities for career growth for current law enforcement employees and officials. As someone with professional experience in the criminal justice industry, a Master’s in Criminal Justice may seem like your only option but, in fact, choosing to earn an MPA in Law Enforcement may provide you with unique career opportunities you had never before considered.

MPA graduate students may choose to further specialize their degree with a concentration, with the core focus of the program built upon foundational courses, giving each student an understanding of the role of leaders in public service. Courses such as Administrative Law, Organizational Theory and Change, and Public Budgeting are offered to bring to light many of the current issues and policies involved in law enforcement and the public safety industry. As an MPA for Law Enforcement master’s student, not only will you be experiencing the criminal justice system hands on through work and professionally-relevant course projects, you will also be building a foundation of understanding in all key areas of operations within your organizations.

Real-world experience can also be gained through the Law Enforcement MPA for those at early stages in their criminal justice career. Marist has partnered with many organizations and associations to help students practice the skills learned in the classroom and find rewarding work after graduation. Students can network with the Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE), the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executive (NOBLE), and many more. Corporate and Organizational partnerships can also provide the benefit of reduced tuition for current students of the program.

The locations of this program, which include NYC and Albany, NY in addition to online, provide a wonderful hub of resources to consider when advancing your career. 

When you’re deciding between an MPA in Law Enforcement and a Master’s in Criminal Justice, consider all the unique career options of an MPA degree and how it will provide new and exciting opportunities you have never considered before.

Contact Marist College today to learn more about the options offered with a MPA in Law Enforcement and take the first step in choosing the right master’s degree program for you.

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