Master’s In Public Administration Career Options

How an MPA Degree Translates to a Career

Master’s In Public Administration Career OptionsWhen contemplating where to enroll in a Master’s in Public Administration graduate degree program, you may be concerned how your MPA degree skills will effectively translate into real-world career scenarios. Students interested in earning a graduate degree in Public Administration general associate the program with a career in an Administrative position within the public sector, however there are several other career options to consider with your Master’s in Public Administration.

Law Degree and Legal Services Careers through and MPA Degree

Over the past decade it has become increasingly important for organizations in the public sector to be transparent with their consumers. Many organizations have been caught red-handed inside their unethical business practices, where consumers aren’t aware of what is happening until it’s too late. Those who have been harmed need representation in the government, best-found in lawyers and legal service representatives.

When enrolled in the Ethical Leadership concentration through the Marist College Master’s in Public Administration degree, the road to law school can be an option for furthering your career. Various MPA Ethical Leadership courses covering negotiations, conflict management, and ethical management of organizations help MPA students establish the basic knowledge of ethical business practices. In addition to furthering your education through law school, students can also pursue career options in public interest organizations, law firms, and other legal services for those affected adversely by current practices in government.

Through earning an MPA degree at Marist College, graduate students are able to understand the concept of leadership integrity. This is an important skill in pursuing a law degree or legal services career, teaching the necessary skills to deal with ensuring that laws and protocols set forth by government are being followed, by individuals, corporations and organizations who directly affect lives of those they serve.

Lobby for Healthcare Legislation through an MPA Degree

Much advancement has been made in healthcare policy through initiatives that allow people to obtain health services at low cost. Beyond this is ensuring that those receiving more affordable healthcare are still protected from malpractice through creating the right legislation. Many non-governmental agencies hire lobbyists to network on Capitol Hill and provide the basis for legislation created by committees in the Senate. The Healthcare Administration concentration through the Marist MPA degree teaches graduate students about current policies and systems and the critical issues that the healthcare community currently faces. MPA graduates can translate this to a career pursing lobbying for healthcare legislation. Although unconventional, when deciding how to use your MPA degree lobbying for healthcare legislation is an excited way of being at the front-line of policymaking.

Using a Master’s in Public Administration to Become a Global Public Administrator

A Public Administrator is tasked with creating the identity and culture of an organization and ensuring that its influence on society is that which best represents public interest.

The Public Management concentration allows graduate students to examine public programs and analyze their value in today’s society. In a public leadership role, graduates are able to foster management and leadership skills in creating a new breed of public servants. In understanding management, it is also important to have a grasp on the current economy in order to understand how organizations can thrive through recessions and years of economic upward movement. Public management students will also take a look into fiscal management and evaluation through their degree practice.

The career options are virtually endless for graduates of the MPA degree program at Marist College. By entering into the highly flexible MPA graduate program, students are able to create a graduate degree that suits their career aspirations.

Contact us to learn more about starting your public sector career journey with an MPA degree from Marist College. A Master’s in Public Administration can open many doors for your career.  

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