The Big Business Side of a Non-Profit Master's Degree

Non-Profit Careers in Large Organizations

Non Profit Careers in Large CompaniesWhen one thinks of a non-profit, often what comes to mind is a small organization based around a charitable endeavor. Though this can sometimes be the case, non-profit organizations can be big business, operating similarly to their for-profit brethren, while demanding non-profit jobseekers acquire the same skills necessary for success in the for-profit sector. It is for this reason that jobseekers in the non-profit sector must understand the big business side of a non-profit Master’s degree.

The Marist Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) was developed to give non-profit jobseekers the tools and skills to carve out a long and successful career in the non-profit sector. Much like for-profit companies, the success of non-profit employees relies on a fundamental understanding of business, management skills, and of course, ethical decision-making. The Marist MPA teaches students these important skills necessary for building a non-profit career in a large company.

Whether a company exists to make money or to serve a greater good, it needs to be efficiently run and operated in order to help achieve its goals. Graduates of the Marist MPA program carve out careers in non-profit management at large companies by applying the skills learned during their degree program.

The service work completed by the non-profit sector caters to specific events that affect communities surrounding the company. For example, a solar panel company is selling their equipment with a non-profit goal to help reduce the use of nonrenewable resources. In order to obtain this goal, non-profit organizations promote the effectiveness of solar panels on homes, in cars, and for appliances, and lobbies for legislation that provides tax breaks to businesses that use solar panels making the cycle full circle. This example highlights the need for managerial skills, knowledge of local and national markets and regulations, marketing skills, and ethical leadership (to name just a few). Each of these skills is learned through the Marist MPA program.

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