Online Degree in Public Administration

Completing Your MPA Degree Online with a Busy Schedule

Earn a Degree Online Degree in Public AdministrationAs a prospective MPA student at Marist, you may be wondering what it’s like to complete your degree 100% online. Increasingly, schools are offering online formatted degrees to help professionals reach higher career goals, understanding that adult students usually have other responsibilities, such as families to support, while attending graduate school. When you enroll in our online MPA degree program, you will find that academic and professional advancement doesn’t have to be hindered by personal responsibilities.

The Part-Time Online MPA Student

As a part-time Public Administration graduate student and full-time employee of a company or organization, it can be hectic trying to find time to complete your degree. With the online degree in Public Administration, part-time students can more easily finish their degree and propel their career simultaneously.

Many part-time graduate students are working full-time. Their daily schedules include finding time to study, research, read text and take notes, finish assignments and catch up on lectures. In the online degree format, part-time students are able to sign on to the iLearn course portal and complete assignments and participate in class discussions at times that are convenient for their schedule. As a student who is working during the day, you can progress in your degree by setting time aside for your studies in the evening. If you are a night-shift employee, all the same materials are available to you during the daytime hours - same is true for weekends. Simply sign in to your class and work through your projects and assignments.

The Marist iLearn portal is asynchronous, which means that you can sign in to the iLearn portal and participate in lectures and discussions with students at any time. Professors will assign projects and work which are given a final due date and can be completed at any time before the due date.

Earning a Master’s in Public Administration online has never been more convenient for working professionals who are looking to advance in their preferred public sector industry, without leaving their career or putting their personal life on hold.

The Full-Time Online MPA Student

Students who plan to complete their online MPA degree in a full-time format will also find benefits to the 100% asynchronous format. Having a busy schedule does not have to stop you from earning your MPA degree in a shorter period of time. The full-time program schedule may be one that is right for you. Part-time employees will find a full-time course schedule can allow them to attain the career success they are looking for.

The online MPA courses are structured parallel to those offered in a traditional classroom format so all students receive an equally comprehensive education. When choosing to attend the MPA program full-time, students may be able to complete all of their course 100% online or take some in a traditional classroom format  depending on their location.

All students also have access to networking and career events, which can help connect them to Marist graduates who are working in their desired industry. While internships are not required for students with more than three years of work experience, students are encouraged to participate in activities and opportunities to boost their professional knowledge.

Choosing to complete your degree either part-time or full-time with the online Master’s in Public Administration program will provide a strong academic experience that will propel your career in directions you may have never considered.Contact us to learn more about the concentrations offered to MPA students and how to begin your application with Marist College's MPA graduate program. 

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