MS in Computer Science Software Development

The primary goal of the computer science software development program is to prepare students for the challenges faced by professionals in this rapidly changing field. Students may select from a broad base of advanced courses in software design and development, systems programming, database design and programming, computer architecture, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, game design and programming, web technology, networking and computer graphics.

The recently revised Software Development curriculum includes both cloud computing and mobile computing areas of specialization and prepares graduates for a rapidly evolving job market and emerging trends in the field. Visit the MS in Computer Science courses page for detailed descriptions.

Software Development Course Requirements

Required Core Courses (16 credits) 
MSCS 510 Software Design & Development 
MSCS 542 Database Management  Systems 
MSCS 560 Networking
MSCS 630 Security Algorithms & Protocols

Specialization Tracks (8 credits, choose one) 

Cloud Computing
MSCS 680 Parallel Processing
MSCS 621 Cloud Computing

Mobile Computing
MSCS 565 Game Development I
MSCS 700 Enterprise Mobile Development

Required Capstone (4 credits)
MSCS 710 Project

Elective Courses (4 credits, choose one)
MSCS 665 Game Development II 
MSCS 555 Computer Graphics 
MSCS 550 Artificial Intelligence
MSCS 720 Software Verification & Maintenance
MSCS Independent Study

Total Credit Required for Degree: 32

Students without a B.S. in Computer Science may be required to take the following prerequisites (16 credits):
MSCS 501 Object-Oriented Programming
MSCS 502 Advanced Data Structures
MSCS 503 Computer Organization and Architecture
MATH 205 Discrete Mathematics

Marist's Hancock Technology Center

This 57,000-square-foot facility overlooking the Hudson River has been designed to help fulfill the Marist goal of infusing information technology into all of its academic disciplines. The School of Computer Science and Mathematics is housed in this building as well as many of the existing regional and global technology initiatives for which Marist has earned a leadership reputation, including the Center for Collaborative and On-Demand Computing, the Open Source Development Lab, the Institute for Data Center Professionals, the IBM-Marist Joint Study Project, zEnterprise machine lab, and the New York State Center of Excellence in Cloud Computing and Business Analytics all reside within the walls of this innovative, state-of-the-art building.


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