International Programs Offers Study Abroad Opportunities

Grab Your Passport, Pack Your Bags and Get Ready to Explore and Learn!

From studying Italian language and culture at Marist’s branch campus in Florence, Italy to participating in service learning opportunities in Cape Town, South Africa, there is an opportunity for everyone when it comes to selecting a study abroad program. There are over 50 semester and academic year programs offered by Marist International Programs (MIP). These opportunities range in length so anyone who would like an abroad experience can find the perfect fit in location, length, and academic focus.

Freshmen Florence Experience (FFE)
One of Marist’s most popular locations to study abroad enables students to study at Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Institute, Marist’s branch campus in Florence. Marist’s ties to Florence and LdM makes it easy for students to either spend a semester or a short-term program in the city. One of the most distinctive components of Marist’s branch campus is known as the Freshmen Florence Experience (FFE). This unique experience allows freshmen to spend the entirety of their first year studying in Italy and traveling Europe.

Marist-LdM, Florence photo by Maggie Lyman '18

LdM allows for an easy transfer of classes to the Poughkeepsie campus sophomore year and provides students with the incredible opportunity to live in an Italian city and explore Europe during their freshman year of college. LdM also offers opportunities such as organized trips and tours in Florence and weekend excursions around Europe. These tours and excursions are also offered to students participating in the semester-long program. Additionally, community service and internship opportunities are available to those studying in Florence.

Maggie Lyman '18, participated in the community service program offered through LdM. She and several other LdM students visited a local elementary school to help the students practice English. “One of my favorite things about studying abroad in Florence was making friends from all over the world,” said Lyman. “I still keep in touch with my friends across the U.S. and even a friend from Italy!”

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities
Marist International Programs photo by Nicole Benedetto '18In addition to the study abroad opportunities in Florence for freshmen and upperclassmen, there are numerous opportunities and programs in other locations. Programs are offered in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. For students who are unsure of whether or not to study abroad or trying to select a location, study abroad fairs and information sessions are offered by MIP so students can have all of their questions answered when making these decisions.

Students can select a location based on their interests or course of study. Major-specific programs include opportunities focused in fashion such as the Mod’Spe Paris Fashion Program and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Fashion Program. Marist ASAP: Asia Study Abroad Program is a multi-country program in Asia for business majors and minors looking to gain insights in international business. While there are many programs with a focus on certain majors and minors, there are also programs without a specified academic focus.

Studying abroad can be an important experience for those who want to become proficient or fluent in a language, but opportunities are offered in English speaking locations as well such as the UK or Australia. While there are certain study abroad locations where students may be required or opt to have their own apartments or houses with other students, students usually have the option of participating in a homestay for a more immersive cultural experience.

Internships and Opportunities Abroad
Internships are available in many of the MIP opportunities, but Dublin and London are hosts to several internship opportunities such as the Dublin FIE Business School and Internship Program, the London FIE Study and Internship Program, and the London Hansard Society Scholars Internship Program. These programs are specifically intended for students to take on an internship in their host country to supplement their courses and experience. There are also many other programs that provide students opportunities to intern, while not an essential part of the program. In addition to internships, many study abroad programs incorporate a service learning component or enable students to participate in community services opportunities.

Marist International Programs, Cape Town, South Africa photo by Abby Ritson '18

Abby Ritson, a senior who studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa participated in a service-learning course where she studied health and community development while interning with a local non-profit. “I really enjoyed working at Sisters 4 Sisters where I created and led programs for abused women and children,” said Ritson. “I think it really gave me a wider perspective of Cape Town and made my abroad experience a lot more meaningful.”

Short-Term Programs
For students who are unable to commit to semester and academic year-long programs, Marist offers several short-term programs in different countries with various major focuses. Short-term programs are offered during the winter and summer sessions and as semester attachments. These programs are normally accompanied by an academic course either throughout the semester prior to the travel dates or in the weeks leading up to and during the trip. The trips usually range from two weeks to a month and are generally led by a faculty member. One program provides a focus on education by incorporating lessons surrounding a culturally responsive education and culminates in an excursion to Hawaii. The short-term program offerings vary each year, but some examples may include Shakespeare in London, A Medical Experience in South Africa, or the Venice Biennale Art Program.

Written by Nicole Benedetto '18