Marist Business Review Forecasts Future Growth

Marist's Newest Publication Breaks Ground with its Multi-Disciplinary Focus

The concept for the Marist Business Review was developed in June 2017 by two students who identified a need at Marist for a high-quality, student-driven business publication. Initially staffed by only the founding pair, the magazine has since accumulated upwards of 75 writers and editors.

Marist Business Review

After realizing that many students were using personal blogs to publish business articles, seniors, Goodman Lepota, a business major, and Joseph Kopp, a biomedical science major, co-founded the Marist Business Review to provide students an outlet for their work. “The school had just been featured on Bloomberg for being one of the reputable business schools, but we didn’t have a business review,” said Lepota. “So Joseph and I were like ‘okay, we’ve identified a need, Marist Business Review, let’s go.’”

The Marist Business Review covers business industries and entrepreneurship in several different sections; most of the articles focus on either national or global issues, with a select few highlighting topics on campus. The writers are allowed to write about whatever interests them as long as it is in line with the publication's editorial guidelines. When someone new joins the team, the writer is given an onboarding package that includes these sample writing guidelines, along with an NDA and a writer’s contract.

“One of the first questions is: ‘what do you want to write about?’” said Kopp. According to Kopp, they would rather adapt their rules to fit the writers’ ideas than make the writers conform.

(Top Left) Goodman Lepota, Founder & President (Middle) Joseph Kopp, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President (Top Right) Moira Margolis, Chief Creative Officer, (Bottom Left) Samantha Slama, Legal Director (Middle) Carly Horowitz, Chief Marketing Officer  (Bottom Right) Salvatore Isola, Editor in Chief. The magazine’s team of writers is constantly growing, and consists of students from many different majors, and the executive board is no different. Kopp himself is a pre-med student, and is just one of many non-business majors involved. The pair feels that each member of the executive board brings in different skills that benefit the team.

“All different realms of the school make up our executive board,” said Kopp. “we’ve encountered tons of hurdles, so it’s definitely helped us brainstorm different ways to approach, and it kind of feels that our reach within the school and around the school is pretty unlimited because of who we work with. It’s really great.”

While the student team has been successful in putting everything together so far, the magazine is independent of club status at Marist. Due to this independence, the team has been entirely self-funded since its start. “One of the challenges we have is the funding,” Lepota said. “We have everything in mind, but we need to get the support and funding.”

Despite this challenge, the executive team is working on expanding the magazine to a free, subscription-only print edition. “It’s all hands on deck right now, and we’re very excited for it,” said Kopp. Almost every part of the print edition will be put together by students. According to Lepota, this is something that sets the Marist Business Review apart from models at other schools.

The pair said the magazine will be subscription-based to ensure that the quality of readership is high, and those who are subscribing to the magazine want to read it. “One of our initial hurdles was actually trying to get up our popularity and readership,” said Kopp. “But now sometimes it’s almost moving so fast.” The Marist Business Review releases an average of ten articles every week, and currently has over 10,000 page views.

When asked what the experience of launching the Review has been like, the two were at a loss for words. “Exciting, interesting, a learning experience, but stressful, positively stressful,” said Kopp. “Arguably the highlight of my college career.” Kopp explained that the Review wound up taking on a much bigger and more exciting role at Marist than he originally thought it would.

Lepota agreed that process of launching the Marist Business Review has been a highlight. “It’s one of those things I’m the proudest of, with the team too, amazing people.” He described it as perhaps the most fulfilling and exciting project he has been involved with on campus.

“Everything has moved so fast,” said Lepota. “It’s almost like you don’t get to stop and say ‘wow this is awesome.’” Lepota described the biggest takeaway from their experience as the importance of students following what interests them. “If you’re really passionate about something on campus, and you want to do it, go for it.”

Lepota said his personal goals for the the future of the magazine are visionary. He hopes that Marist will have an in-house business review through which students will take on the role of thought leaders and contribute to discourse across the world.

Despite thinking that this vision is far off in the future, Lepota admits that the team has had no problem in meeting their goals, and exceeds their own goals and visions every day.


Written by Nicole Benedetto '18

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