Teachers of Tomorrow Offers Support to Education Majors

Popular Club Helps Prepare Students for Careers in Teaching and Education

The Marist chapter of Teachers of Tomorrow is one of many resources available to candidates of the Teacher Education programs. The club, run by president Giana DiRico '17, organizes events and extracurricular learning opportunities for students to gain experience and skills necessary to succeed in education professions.

Dr. Katherine Trela Presents at Marist's Chapter of Teachers of Tomorrow Teachers of Tomorrow plans events that are relevant to the changing climate of the modern educational system. Associate Dean of Teacher Education, Dr. Edward Sullivan has been at Marist for six years and in that time, has seen many changes in the way students at Marist are prepared for careers in education. Most of this, he says, is due to the introduction of new education standards such as the Common Core and No Child Left Behind. Sullivan says that it is important for education majors to "learn what is being emphasized in schools." Because of changes to the elementary through high school curricula, the Teacher Education programs at Marist have adapted to prepare students for the environment in which they will be teaching. Dr. Sullivan said, "Accountability and student performance have driven many changes."

Dr. Sullivan said that while the Teacher Education programs strive to prepare candidates from their first year through student teaching, the role of Teachers of Tomorrow is to "support the programs with activities." The club provides an extra layer of experience for candidates to be as well prepared as possible for succeeding in teaching careers after leaving Marist.

On September 29, at a Teachers of Tomorrow meeting, Dr. Katherine Trela presented on the topic of Crisis Intervention. DiRico said that Dr. Trela "presented many informative methods to prevent, defuse, and de-escalate difficult situations that we may encounter as teachers in the future. Through resourceful handouts and a highly interactive lecture, teacher candidates learned skills 'to better prepare themselves for an ever-changing profession' and 'achieve a greater understanding of the education world,' as stated in our mission statement." Dr. Trela's presentation was the most-attended lecture hosted by Teachers of Tomorrow in the past three years, with 33 teacher candidates in attendance. The club is looking forward to continuing this trend and hosting more events that will help teacher education candidates in preparing for success.

In addition to Teachers of Tomorrow, the Hudson Valley New Teacher Institute recently took place at Marist, providing a variety of workshops and networking opportunities for students to participate in. Marist graduate Katie Nixon created the Institute, which offers panels on curriculum, time management, functions of special service personnel, demands of student teaching, and interview skills. Additional information about the Hudson Valley New Teacher Institute can be found on the School of Social and Behavioral Science's website.


Written by Sophia Brana '17

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