Why Marist


Every Marist student is provided with a faculty advisor. Faculty advising goes far beyond the basics of selecting courses selection. Students meet with their advisors at least once a semester for a face-to-face conference, but are free to meet throughout the semester. Students can discuss not only course planning, but also internships, abroad opportunities, and future plans after graduation. Undergraduate students are also provided with a mentor their freshman year to provide guidance and assistance in the transition to college life.



Marist College is an NCAA Division I school competing in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. There are a number of opportunities for student involvement in athletics whether they are looking to be an active team member or an avid supporter. We have 23 varsity sports for both men and women, 14 intramural programs, and 8 club sports. Sporting events of all kinds are strongly attended and supported by the Red Fox fans: students, parents, alumni, and local community members.


Campus Dining

The Dining Services of Marist College offers a large menu of freshly prepared meals daily. There is a wide array of choices every day ensuring students will be able to individualize their meals to suit their tastes and dietary needs. Some of these choices include a pizza station, salad bar, hot meal station, pasta station, vegetarian/vegan options, grill, and desert bar. Students can eat in the newly renovated main dining room or in one of the many cafes located throughout campus in the Student Center and in the academic buildings.


Career Services

From day one of freshman year to the days leading up to graduation, the Marist College Career Services offers students a multitude of career planning services. The center helps prepare students for individual career success, establish connections between current students and Marist alumni, and aid in the internship process. Career counselors also conduct resume writing workshops and mock interviews for students seeking internships, post graduation employment, and graduate training.


Class Size

Marist College provides students with the individual attention they need during their college education.  While a small percentage of classes exceed 35 students, the large majority of Marist classes range in size from 20 - 30. Students are able to build personal relationships with their professors and receive the attention they need in the classroom.

Clubs and Organizations

Marist College encourages students to enhance their educational experience by taking advantage of opportunities for involvement, leadership development, and volunteer service. Through these programs, students have the opportunity to have fun and contribute to the vibrant community life outside the classroom. Clubs range from academic, athletic, honorary societies and student government to performance clubs, multicultural, community service, and faith-based organizations. An activities fair at the beginning of each semester will help students gain insight into any of the dozens of clubs and organizations they may be interested in.


Student Activities

Student Activities is a student-based office which focuses on enriching the college experience of each student at Marist College. Realizing that the college experience is more than just books and papers, this office works with SPC (Student Programming Council) to provide students with fun, enriching opportunities. Whether you want to stay on campus or go away for the day, Student Activities provides a wide range of options. They also now provide local transportation to and from the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall and the grocery store.
For quiet days on campus, there are movie rentals, a billiards room, frequent lecture series, and an international film series. Along with SPC, entertainment is provided on campus in a series of concert events, comedians, coffeehouses, and more. For an exciting day off campus, trips to amusement parks, ski trips, and Broadway shows are among some of the opportunities.


Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the backbone of the education you will receive at Marist College.
One enduring element of the mission of Marist College has been to provide students with an experience that blends career preparation with an education in the tradition of the liberal arts. Students are exposed to a curriculum that is both integrative and distributive, blending courses that all students take as part of a shared educational experience.


Honors Program

For students looking to challenge themselves further, the Marist College Honors Program provides the chance to do so. Offering exclusive seminars which are often paired with exciting, extension field trips, the Honors Program enhances traditional curriculum and allows students the opportunity to make direct contacts with experts in the field.


International Study

Marist Abroad has offered students the opportunity to experience and understand other cultures around the world. The MIP is designed to give students the opportunity to participate actively in another culture by attending a foreign university and interacting with a host culture and society on a personal level. Students have a wide array of countries and academic programs to choose from. Students may choose to study abroad for the traditional semester, an entire academic year, a short-term program during one of the breaks, or even all four years at our campus in Italy!



Marist College is located in the middle of the beautiful and historic Hudson River Valley, just 90 miles from metropolitan New York City. More than three hundred years of New York history can be found in Dutchess and the surrounding counties, and it is all offered to area visitors, accompanied by breathtaking views. Bounded on one side by the majestic Hudson River, the College sits just minutes from the homes of some of this country's most influential people.


Residential Life

Residential life is an integral part of the total educational experience. Marist is a place which will quickly become your home away from home. Marist College provides students with safe and attractive living environments. Students are housed using a 'rites of passage' philosophy, which recognizes that a student's developmental stage should be supported by his/her living environment. As students move from freshmen to senior year they are housed in more independent living environments (suite style, apartments and townhouses) which helps to prepare them for their eventual move out into the world following graduation. Along the way they acquire certain freedoms and responsibilities that will help them develop into mature and responsible citizens.