Parents Making A Difference

Michael Guzzardi

Michael Guzzardi and daughter Jennifer '14

Michael Guzzardi has established endowed scholarships at three Pennsylvania schools: Waldron Mercy Academy (where he serves on the Board of Trustees), Merion Mercy Academy, and his alma mater, Lehigh University. Now, he has expanded that tradition and established a scholarship at Marist College, where his daughter, Jennifer, is a member of the Class of 2014.

“I truly believe in the power of education to change lives. My grandparents were immigrants from Sicily, and my parents worked hard for everything. My dad went to Cooper Union at night for six years to earn his mechanical engineering degree. Education is the key to unlocking an individual's potential. It provides unmatched opportunities to develop their talents and apply them to making a difference in the world. I'm very pleased with the education my daughter is receiving at Marist, and I want to help others share in that rich experience.”

“ When parents believe enough in what we're doing that they make generous gifts to help advance the mission of the institution in addition to paying their child's tuition, that's a real statement about the college and the impact that we're having. ”

President Dennis J. Murray

Mark and Lynn

Mark and Lynn Piccolo

Mark and Lynn Piccolo, parents of Madilyn Morris '14, are active members of Marist's Parents Council and great supporters of the College. In addition to giving to the Marist Fund, they donate their time in assisting with parent-to-parent engagement opportunities such as the open house for accepted students and welcome receptions for new students.

“As parents, we donate to Marist so all students have every opportunity to take advantage of the exceptional education offered by Marist College so that they can fully realize their dreams and one day give back to the next generation of students.”