Remaining Opportunities

With all the great things The Campaign for Marist accomplished, key opportunities remain to support the College, including many naming opportunities related to completed and ongoing projects.

Endowed Scholarships [View Video]

Many of those students who might benefit most from a Marist College education are those least able to afford it. Marist has worked hard to ensure that it remains cost-competitive and that every qualified student who wants to attend can. But the College is not immune to the financial pressures affecting all institutions of higher education. To help meet its very important strategic goal of creating a more diverse and international college community, Marist seeks to widen its pool of endowed scholarships to provide ongoing support to academically talented students of need.

Endowed Research Funds

Some of the most powerful learning experiences come not in the classroom, but in the lab or out in the field, where students and faculty work together on new research. At Marist, students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty members who are leaders in their fields, conducting important research that advances knowledge in their respective disciplines while furthering their education. The College endeavors to broaden the resources available to foster vital research during and beyond the campaign.

Professorships and Faculty Chairs [View Video]

As with students, competition for the best professors in all disciplines is increasingly intense. Marist is committed to ensuring that faculty compensation keeps pace with the College’s competitors. Much of Marist’s academic success is due to teacher-scholars who are leaders in their fields and partners in the classroom, where they do more than teach—they inspire.

Centers of Excellence [View Video]

As Marist continues to draw talented students and exceptional teacher-scholars, opportunities exist to match their collective expertise with the appropriate resources and focus both within new centers of excellence. Hallmarks of these centers are nationally recognized expertise; faculty and student research; and work that is shared for the public good. As Marist looks to establish these centers in each of the College's seven schools, the nationally prominent Marist Institute for Public Opinion and Hudson River Valley Institute, along with the new Raymond A. Rich Leadership Institute, Investment Center, and Center for Sports Communication. are the standard-bearers. Support for these centers of focused teaching, learning, and research will enable the continued advancement of important areas of study.

Community Service and Civic Engagement

The Marist ideal of service is predicated on our belief in the dignity and value of every human being. A new Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership is being developed, which will integrate the College's many community service initiatives into the curriculum. Currently, Marist sponsors and supports programs to meet a wide variety of community needs and broaden access to education. We encourage students, faculty, staff, and alumni to make service an important part of their lives. Gifts in support of Marist service projects play a vital role in the College’s ability to make a meaningful impact through its outreach in the local community, across the country, and around the world.

Capital Projects [View Video]

New Academic Building Rendering

Construction is under way on the new, multi-purpose academic building, which will serve as the home of music at Marist as well as provide academic and performing arts facilities for use by students of all disciplines. Many exciting naming opportunities are available for the new building, as well as for the Student Center, which is being extensively renovated to enhance the Performing Arts Room, Nelly Goletti Theatre, Student Government Association Office, create new student activity space, and construct an expanded and completely new grand dining hall, which will involve enclosing the open-air courtyard.

Renovation of the Lowell Thomas Communications Center, which began last year with a completely renovated lower level and ground floor, continues this summer with the renovation of the second floor. When completed, the building will have all new television production space and multimedia production and editing facilities in addition to the new classroom and student club space and a brand new screening theatre, which opened in the Fall. Several compelling naming opportunities are available in this building, too.

Ongoing Unrestricted Support for the Marist Fund

Targeted Support for Academic Areas

Targeted Support for Athletics 

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