Where do Marist Fund Dollars Go?

A Strong Commitment to Academic Excellence & Character Development is Expensive
Marist's mission is to "help students develop the intellect and character required for enlightened, ethical and productive lives in the global community of the 21st Century." To continue hiring the best faculty; providing the highest quality education and tools for learning; attracting the best and brightest students to Marist; and creating unique opportunities to enhance the "Marist experience" for our students, it's plain and simple: we need financial support from Marist alumni.

Operating Costs Far Exceed Current Funding
The Marist Fund is all about unrestricted funds, which allow the College the flexibility to meet pressing needs as they arise. That's why we must turn to our greatest resources for support -- our loyal alumni and friends, to help us address these day-to-day needs, whether they take the form of facilities improvements, technology or equipment maintenance/upgrades, scholarship assistance, program support, or discretionary funds for the various Schools on campus.

You Can Make Dreams a Reality
Your contribution to Marist can help provide financial support and scholarship assistance to a student who would otherwise not attend Marist, or college for that matter. Your support allows students to explore other cultures via the Marist Abroad; it provides funding for student service trips; it enables Marist internships to happen. Your Marist Fund gift can help "open the door to endless possibilities" for Marist students of all ages.

Alumni Participation Rates Matter
When considering making large gifts, corporations, foundations and other philanthropists gauge the quality and strength of an organization by its Alumni Participation Rates. College rankings like the U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges also factor in Alumni Participation Rates when ranking institutions. When Marist alumni make a Marist Fund gift of any size, they help improve our college rankings and build a stronger foundation for the Marist of the future.