Marist Phonathon Associates

Who We Arephonathon

Each fall and spring semesters, student Phonathon Associates call alumni and parents to provide them with updated information about Marist, update their alumni & parent records and request their financial support of the Marist Fund. The students speak to thousands of alumni & parents each year.

Meet the Phonathon Team 

What We Do

Taking the time to speak with a Marist Phonathon Associate means:

  • You will have the opportunity to join your classmates and support the Marist Fund.
  • Students will inform you about Marist, ask questions, and pass along any questions they cannot fully answer.
  • Students will update your address, phone and e-mail information to ensure that you are receiving the latest information from the College, including Marist Magazine.
  • Students will inform you of campus and Alumni Chapter events.

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