Meet the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee

Nicolette Spallanzani, Chair

Hometown: Morganville, NJ

Major: Political Science Minor: Global Studies, Paralegal

Involvement: Senior Class President, Resident Assistant, St. Jude Up Til’ Dawn Co-Director, National Residence Hall Honorary, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honors Program

Why Nicolette supports the Marist Fund: "Over the past couple of years Marist has become my home away from home. The friends I have met, the memories I have made, and the education I received are more than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to giving back to the place that has already given me so much, and will forever be a part of me."


 Jeff Woronick, Co-Chair

Hometown: Brookfield, CT

Major: Information Systems  Minor: Business

Involvement: Campus Ministry Advisory Board, Student Government, Student Booster Club, National Society for Leadership and Success, Emerging Leaders Program, Computer Society, Residence Hall Council, Marist Singers, Relay for Life.

Why Jeff supports the Marist Fund: "Where do I begin…Marist means everything to me! The friends I have made, the unforgettable experiences I have had, and the supportive professors who have guided me through a fantastic education, have all made Marist memorable to me. For the opportunity Marist provided me to study abroad in London, and for my numerous involvements on the Poughkeepsie campus, I am so grateful. I am supporting the Marist Fund so that I can give back to a school that has truly, truly changed my life and has given me so much."


Deborah Akinwunmni

Jesse Aprile

Hometown: Mahopac, NY

Major: Biology

Involvement: Marist College Track and Field, Student Government Association

Why Jesse supports the Marist Fund: "Marist has become much more than just a college for me over the past few years. The people I have met and experiences I have had are ones that I will remember for the rest of my life. It only seems right that I find a way to give back to Marist after I have gained so much from it."


Dylan Arthur

Hometown: Milford, MA

Major: Communications (Advertising)/Business

Involvement: Advertising Club, Intramural Sports, Student Booster Club.  

Why Dylan supports the Marist Fund: "I have made lifelong friendships at Marist, and have enjoyed every second of my time as a student. Giving back to the Marist Fund, I am supporting a place that helped play a part in my growing up, and taught me so many valuable lessons."


Emily Bahr

Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Major:Communications / Psychology

Involvement: President of Sigma Sigma Sigma

Why Emily supports the Marist Fund:"I don’t think there’s ever been a day that I’ve regretted the decision to come to Marist College. When I took my first steps on campus as a freshman I knew they’d never be my last. The Marist College family stands behind their Red Foxes forever and that sense of community is the reason students, parents, and alumni feel so passionate about Marist. By being a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee I hope to reciprocate the love and support that Marist College has shown me in the past four years."



Shalyn Baum

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Major: Fashion Merchandising Minor: Business & English Literature

InvolvementCo-Director of the St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn Committee, Vice President of Academic Affairs of Student Government Association, Secretary of Sigma Tau Delta, the Literary Honor Society

Why Shalyn supports the Marist Fund:"Marist is the place that helped me to be the best possible version of myself. If I did not have the faculty and administration as my mentors, my peers and friends as my support system, and this beautiful campus to call home, I would not be the same today. After all of the life lessons I have learned at Marist, inside and outside of the classroom, I am passionate about supporting the Marist Fund and giving back to the place that gave me so much."


Sean Clark

Hometown: Milford, CT

Major: Biology

Involvement: President – Alpha Phi Delta

Why Sean supports the Marist Fund:Marist has come to be my second home and I can't imagine my life without it. By supporting the Marist Fund, I'm giving back to the Marist community that has offered so much to me these past few years, and helping it become even better for those in the future.”


Margaret Crateau



Eric Croci

Hometown: East Longmeadow, MA

Major: Information Systems/Computer Science

Involvement: Honors Program, Ambassadors (E-Board member), Undergrad Admissions Student Assistant, National Society of Leadership & Success, Emerging Leaders Program, Business Club, Studied Abroad: Florence Italy.

Why Eric supports the Marist Fund: "Over the last few years, Marist has undergone an incredible transformation that I have benefited from. Look around campus and you'll see the impressive Hancock Center, the renovations to the Student Center, and the new Route 9 underpass just to name a few. These projects have been all made possible by the Marist Fund, and now it's our turn to give back so Marist can continue to grow into an even more amazing place."


 Christina Ferrara

Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Major: Businesss Marketing/ Fashion Merchandising

Involvement: Emerging Leaders Program, Phonathon Associate, Campus Ministry, Business Club, Fashion, Inc., Intramural Volleyball

Why Christina supports the Marist Fund: "In my past years at Marist, I have grown to love the beautiful campus, my amazing friends, the great professors and all that I've experienced. Although, I will be graduating in May, I believe that I will always have a place here at Marist. I am so grateful for all that the Marist experience has provided me with and want to give back to show my gratitude. I plan to support The Marist Fund so that future students can enjoy Marist just as much as I did!"



Jeffrey Holmes


Garrin Marchetti

Hometown: Reading, MA

Major: Sports Communication and Journalism

Involvement: Editor-in-Chief of The Circle, the Marist student newspaper, talk show host and sports broadcaster for WMAR radio, member of the Marist College Council of the Theater Arts (MCCTA).

Why Garrin supports the Marist Fund: "I honestly cannot imagine my college journey happening anywhere else but Marist, a place that has become not just my school but also my home. The Senior Glass Gift gives me the opportunity to thank Marist and the incredible members of this community for giving me an outstanding education and instilling in me the ideal values and qualities that will help me become successful in my life after Marist."


Marguerite Pinheiro

Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Major: Communications/ Business

Why Marg supports the Marist Fund: “I am the biggest proponent of Marist College and absolutely love attending school here. Therefore, it make sense that I would want to be a part of the Marist Senior Class Gift Committee in order to ensure that I give back to something that has become such a vital aspect of my life.”


Brooke Wickham