Young Alumni Giving Back

 Meet TinaMarie Cortina '09

Grad Year: 2009
Employer: Liberty Elevator Corporation
Title: Marketing Director
"Times are tough for everyone right now; especially recent college graduates. College loans have begun to kick in and many are still unemployed. It hasn't been too long since I started making a consistent paycheck and funds are still tight due to previous financial obligations and the demands of the holiday season...yet I still found it in me to donate ten dollars to the Marist Fund. I figured that I can sacrifice a week’s worth of Starbucks to help out an institution that has always been there for me."


TinaMarie's Message to Young Alumni

In these times of economic distress, it can be difficult to make the decision to give. Perhaps I am a bit biased, having worked for the Marist Fund my senior year, but I truly believe in everything the Marist Fund stands for. Having graduated and been on several interviews, I can attest to Marist’s prestigious reputation, especially in the field of communications. I have not met one professional who couldn’t appreciate the level of experience I have had and the tools that have helped me get there. Donating to the Marist Fund only helps make my degree more valuable in the future and that is especially important to me in an unstable job market.

One feature of the Marist Fund that I admire is that it is an unrestricted fund, meaning my donation will be directed to where it is most needed. I take solace knowing that my donation, no matter how small, is going to help shape current and future students’ Marist “experience.” I owe a lot to Marist, both personally and professionally, and the Marist Fund provides me with the perfect opportunity to give back to the school that helped shape my identity today.

If my ten dollars can help a student enjoy an abroad experience in London as I did, or if it helps keep the cost of Senior Week to a minimum, I am satisfied. I would encourage all young alumni to think of their four years at Marist when donating to the Marist Fund. Some of the reasons why you can look back and smile are because of donations made by previous generations of alumni. I like to think that I now share the responsibility, along with my fellow classmates, in helping to shape positive experiences and memories for the future graduating classes. Please join me by making a gift today!!


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