Young Alumni Giving Back

Regardless of its size, your gift sends a strong message of support for Marist  as an institution. It conveys satisfaction with your academic experience, and shows a desire to provide today's students the same opportunities you were afforded.

Over 1,000 young alumni have made a significant impact on Marist student life and academic excellence through their gifts to the 2012 Marist Fund. If you were among them, thank you for your support! If not, please consider joining your fellow alumni in support of the 2013 Marist Fund.


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In These Tough Economic Times...

Name: Ed Wozencroft
Grad Year: 2011
Employer: Stevens Institute for Technology
Title: Web Engineer/Developer

Why I give back to Marist: "I donate to the Marist Fund because I recognize that my donations are used to help current and future students maximize their college experience and pursue their dreams. I encourage all alumni, especially young alumni to contribute to the Marist Fund. There is no donation that is too small, $1, $5 or $10 from every alumni will help give future Marist students the best four years of their lives."

Name: TinaMarie Cortina
Grad Year: 2009
Employer: Liberty Elevator Corporation
Title: Marketing Director

Why I give back to Marist: "Times are tough for everyone right now; especially recent college graduates. College loans have begun to kick in and many of us are still unemployed. It has only been a handful of weeks since I have started making a consistent paycheck at my first “real job,” and funds are still tight due to previous financial obligations and the demands of the holiday season...yet I still found it in me to donate ten dollars to the Marist Fund. I figured that I can sacrifice a week’s worth of Starbucks to help out an institution that has always been there for me."

How to Participate

If you want to join your classmates in giving back to Marist, call us at 845-575-3863.  You can make a gift using your credit card over the phone, or we'll send you a pledge card and return envelope so you can mail in a check.  If you're ready to make a gift now, you can give online with your credit card by
clicking the icon at the top of the page!

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