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Marist Alumna, Danielle Mozeleski, Featured on THE VOICE

(By Julie Lavin '09)Dani Moz

“Does he love me, I want to know
How can I tell if he loves me so...”

Back in 2006, after a brief trio performance of Betty Everett’s, “Shoop Shoop” song, I never would have imagined that one of my fellow Marist singers and classmates would have been on television just eight years later battling in one of the most popular reality vocal competitions, and performing on stage in front of four of the most admired musicians!

Danielle Mozeleski, a 2009 graduate of Marist College, has made it on Shakira’s talented team on NBC’s The Voice! On March 4th, America found out the powerhouse, “Dani Moz” won the heart of Shakira with her unique cover of Calvin Harris’ “I need your love”, featuring Ellie Goulding. Danielle began to sing before she started talking, and her first solo was at her kindergarten graduation singing, Disney’s “A Whole New World”. Danielle started exuding her confidence on stage at a very early age, and her passion for singing only grew stronger throughout high school, college and even more so after she graduated.

Danielle, a communications major with a concentration in public relations, moved to Boston after she graduated and worked at the TD Garden while practicing towards her passion of performing on the side as the lead singer of Hot Mess, a popular cover band.
I was lucky enough to speak with “Dani Moz” and found out how she made it onto The Voice and a few fun facts that will make this “powerhouse” singer a leader in Season 6 of The Voice!

What led you to audition for The Voice?

When I was in Boston, playing with Hot Mess every single night as the lead singer in the cover band, I was constantly being told by fans that I should try out for The Voice or American Idol, and while it was super flattering, I never really acted on it. That all changed when one day, I was contacted directly by NBC and The Voice, who are always actively recruiting talent for the show across the country. They discovered me and my music through my YouTube channel (DMSings) and asked me to come in for the audition. The rest is history.

Did being a student at Marist College contribute to your work on The Voice?

Absolutely! Marist College played an instrumental role in shaping the person I am today, both on and off stage. Getting a degree 

Dani Moz

was always important to me, and what I gained from my Marist education alone was more than I could have ever dreamed of. But it wa

Singers, that helped me grow and discover so much about myself. It was actually while at Marist when I began exploring song writing and honing in on my vocal abilities, and I remember feeling so inspired and empowered not only by my experiences, but also by my surrounding peers and mentors, especially my Singers family. Some of my favorite memories I’ll never forget are from our pers all of my time spent with other students traveling abroad (London, Fall ’07) and participating in various campus groups, including Marist 

formances, including the Love in the Afternoon shows and the seasonal concerts at The Bardavon, to name a few! Being a part of The Voice this season is surreal, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. When I walk out onto that stage, I am driven by my passion and carried by the confidence I have gained over the years. Marist College is definitely on my list of people and places to thank for that.Dani Moz

Be sure to tune into The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00PM EST on NBC to cheer on our fellow Red Fox, Dani Moz as she battles throughout the competition! And be sure to stay tuned, as she will need your votes if she makes it to the live shows, when you can vote via text message, through Facebook, by iTunes downloads and by phone! Danielle will always be a Red Fox at heart and needs our support to rally as the battle rounds begin! To follow Dani Moz through her journey on The Voice, check her out on Twitter at @danimozmusic and stop by her YouTube page to hear some of her popular covers and original music at Dani Moz! Danielle serves as the perfect example of someone who never gave up on her dream and worked extremely hard after college to achieve it. The best is always unexpected and we shall wait to see where The Voice takes our own Red Fox powerhouse, Dani Moz.

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