Student Athlete Support Services

Student-Athlete Support

Intercollegiate competition is a rewarding extracurricular activity that can add a special dimension to a student's life. The student-athlete at Marist can utilize the department's academic support programs, with the help of the Academic Advisement staff to ensure that student-athletes successfully balance their commitment of academics and athletics.

The staff, led by Director of Academic Advisement for Student Athletes and Academic Advisement Fellow, provides student athletes with academic support through various means, including academic advisors, tutors, and study facilities, which help the student athlete to not only be successful in the classroom but also to prepare them to be successful long after their playing careers are complete.

The Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement provides Marist student athletes with a venue in which to pursue academic and life skills. The center provides 16 computers with access to research databases, Internet resources, study guides, as well as word processing programs. Students also have access to a group-study conference room and individual tutorial rooms.

Additionally, the Academic Advisement office provides a web of academic support. In this capacity, the staff monitors student athletes' progress through the course of the semester. Should a student athlete begin to struggle in a class, the professional staff intervenes and helps the individual through the learning process by identifying problems and assisting in organizing tutorials and study hall sessions to help the student better understand class material and improve study skills.

The staff works cooperatively with Marist's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Faculty Representative Dr. John Ritschdorff by the adjustment to college life. They provide assistance for the student athlete, balancing the rigors of academic and athletic demands.

"Marist wants its student athletes to have as complete a collegiate experience as possible," said Ritschdorff. "We want each student athlete to walk away from Marist having not just taken classes and competed but having experienced campus life as a whole."

In conjunction with that goal, Marist has implemented the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program to provide student athletes with the opportunity to experience increased academic and personal success. The program is designed to give the student athletes the support and skills needed to become effective citizens, inspired leaders and motivated activists after graduation from college.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program focuses on five areas of Commitment: Academic Excellence, Athletic Excellence, Personal Development, Career Development and Community Service. The Department of Athletics provides seminars on Violence Prevention, Drug & Alcohol Education, Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Career Development as well as a Faculty Mentor Program and Community Service projects.

As part of the Marist College CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, two student athletes are selected by the NCAA to attend the Foundation Leadership Conference each year. The mission of the NCAA Foundation Leadership Conference is to provide student-athlete leaders with a multitude of challenging thought-provoking activities that will enable them to become agents of change on their campuses and in their communities. As a result of participation, the student athletes will enhance their communication, decision-making, problem-solving, critical-thinking and collaborative skills.

Also realizing that the school's student athletes serve as role models to elementary and high school students in the area, Marist sponsors several community outreach projects. In this arena, Marist student athletes visit schools and speak to students throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley about the importance of education and how staying in school and concentrating on their academics allow them the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a Division I athlete. The Red Foxes' representatives also talk about the importance of time management and how developing good habits at a young age can only benefit in the long run.

Marist Vice President of Student Affairs Deb DiCaprio is an avid supporter of the Academic Advisement Program. DiCaprio views each participant, at whatever level of competition, as a student athlete, a person who is first and foremost a student, but who also extends and heightens his or her undergraduate experience through personal fitness and team dedication.