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Are you willing to share your knowledge about your career field with a Marist student or graduate? The Marist Career Network allows individuals to contact you for a telephone conversation or a meeting at your work place. It provides you with the opportunity to give advice and tips on career opportunities, job search techniques, resume writing, and industry trends.

To join the network, please complete the form below. Students and alumni, who wish to contact people in your profession or geographic area, can find your information on our searchable, secure online database.

If you have any questions, write or email:

Marist College
Center for Career Services
3399 North Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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Full-time job referral Practice interviews with students
Internship referral Graduate School advice
Mentor several students Summer/part-time job referral
Telephone advice-giving Attend career/job fairs*
Email advice-giving Panel discussion*
Meeting at my work place/shadowing Facilitate campus workshops*

*If any of these three options are the only areas in which you choose to assist current Marist students, it will result in your name NOT appearing in the Alumni Career Network as these services are for internal Career Services programs. Our office will contact you directly.