Success Story: Alexandra Evans Lands Internship at Kate Spade

Alexandra Evans '19

Fashion design major Alexandra Evans '19 used Career Services and the Alumni Career Network to land her dream internship after transferring to Marist as a junior 

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be writing my own Kate Spade success story. It has been quite the ride to get to this point and I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity and for the people who helped me get the internship of my dreams.

I have always been a very determined individual and I set off for college wanting to accomplish four things: to play college basketball, study abroad, graduate from a university I loved, and get design opportunities. I initially decided on a small school in Pennsylvania where I was successfully recruited to play Division III basketball, but I soon came to terms with the fact I wouldn’t accomplish as much there as I could somewhere else. When I started having doubts in 2015 I decided to seek the advice of a professional who had my dream job: a graphic designer at Kate Spade. She stressed the importance of attending a university with a reputable Career Services department and alumni base. So I made the decision to step off the basketball team, study abroad in Florence, and transfer to a prestigious university to go after the rest of my educational goals.

I decided to transfer to Marist College in the spring of my junior year to challenge myself with its fashion design program and take advantage of the Center for Career Services. I’ve always known I wanted to be a designer for a luxury fashion company, so I went to speak with Marist’s Fashion Internship Coordinator, Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera. I met with him and explained my position as a transfer, showed him my work, and told him about my plans. He provided me with several company contacts to inquire about internships. I then made myself comfortable with Marist’s Center for Career Services. For the past two and a half years I had been branding myself and seeking experience practically on my own, so coming to a university where Career Services is so involved in students’ academic careers has been incredible. The Career Services staff helped me re-format, re-word, and update my previous resume to better appeal to organizations in the fashion industry, gave me tips to enhance my cover letters, and taught me how to utilize the college’s Alumni Career Network and LinkedIn.

My dream has been to work as a designer for Kate Spade. Everyone that knows me personally is well aware of this. I applied to many internships on my own, then continued to utilize Juan’s contacts. One such contact turned out to be a Marist alumna who was affiliated with Kate Spade. I was able to use the alumni database and LinkedIn networking tips I got from career coaches in Career Services to find her email address and I reached out to her. My portfolio was accepted for review and I was invited to a last-minute interview with the company in New York City all because of my extra inquiries and the tools Career Services provided me.

Coming to Marist as a transfer in the spring semester of my third year was very intimidating and I had already felt very behind in the internship search. It took some courage and a hopeful mindset to make a change this late in the game, but Marist College has been nothing but a positive experience. With a design internship position secured at my favorite company, Kate Spade, and my upcoming graduation from Marist in May 2019, I can confidently say I have achieved my four college goals.This is where your page's new text goes.