Marist Centers for Excellence

The School of Communication and the Arts houses three Centers: the Center for Social Media, the Center for Sports Communication, and the Play Innovation Lab.

Center for Social Media

Social Media Center

Founded in 2017, the Center for Social Media is dedicated to educating students in industry-leading practices in social media listening, engagement, influence, and analytics.

At the heart of the Center is its state-of-the-art command center; a collaborative workspace featuring multiple flat-screen TVs displaying real-time social conversations and analytics. The command center gives students access to technology that industry professionals would use to turn social insights into strategic communication action. 

The Center hosts guest speakers and offers educational workshops, among other activities, during the academic year. Senior Professional Lecturer Jennie Donohue serves as the Center’s director. 


Center for Sports Communication 

Center for Sports Communication

Founded in 2011, the Marist College Center for Sports Communication is a global leader in the study of and practice in sports communication, helping to prepare an enlightened and engaged group of future leaders in one of society’s most far-reaching disciplines. The center serves a vari­ety of publics through the creation of important external partnerships, research and creative activity, production of professional sports media, presentations by leaders in the field, instruction and curricular development, and community service.

Since its inception, the Center for Sports Communication has achieved national and international recognition of its activities, helping to extend the reputation of the College and providing unique educational experiences for Marist students. Marist student interns provide industry-standard support for the Center’s work under the guidance of dedicated faculty, allowing students unparalleled opportunities and access. Some Center successes include creating and hosting a weekly sports show called "The Classroom" on a commercial radio network, partnering with both the Marist Poll and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on sports-related survey research, building a unique Speaker Series that brings top leaders in the field to campus, earning the distinction of academic partner to the industry-leading Sports PR Summit, and supporting the launch of a certificate in global sports communication at Marist’s campus in Florence, Italy.


Play Innovation Lab

Play Innovation Lab

The Play Innovation Lab (informally called PlayLab) is led by Dr. Karen Schrier, Assistant Professor of Media Arts, who works with Marist College students and alumni to collaborate on a variety of playful projects for the Marist College, local, and global community. The Lab designs and researches a variety of digital and non-digital media experiences, including card and board games, mobile apps and games, and websites. The Lab's mission is to use playful media to help support civic engagement, learning and education, social and community interaction, and ethics and empathy.