Speech & Debate

One of the most important skill sets that is required—regardless of your major, or
professional interests are effective public communication skills. Marist College has a
commitment to supporting opportunities for our students to engage in a variety of
public speaking activities—focusing on both competitive and civic engagement.

On the competitive side, we compete in policy debate (Lincoln Douglas Debate),
interpretation of literature events, traditional public speaking events, and limited preparation events and beginning in the 2011-2012 school year will travel to several regional tournaments over the course of the school year and for those who qualify the national tournament. Our team is a select group of up to 12 students who must audition for the team and if joining the team as an incoming freshman are eligible for scholarships.

Though participation on our team is limited, our opportunities for civic engagement are not. We welcome anyone and everyone on campus to get involved with activities like our work with the Liberty Partnerships Program, competitions for cash and awards in our annual Campus Public Speaking Competition, our Campus Debate Series, or a current events radio program on WMAR.
Explore our page and get in touch with us to get involved!