Marist Debate and Advocacy 

Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel!  - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Each individual is given a voice. A voice can be used to express, to communicate, to advocate, and to bring change to whatever the speaker may choose to use his/her words towards. Speech can be a powerful tool and we recognize the potential of everyone’s voice here at Marist College. 
As a part of the Marist Debate and Advocacy Society, students gain the opportunity to utilize their voice and advance their natural speaking abilities. Through the School of Communications our team uses all of our resources and knowledge to cultivate our students’ communication skills, becoming effective public speakers regardless of their majors or intended career paths. We’ll provide opportunities for students to not only use their acquired skills for competitive purposes but for general interest in becoming better speakers and advocators. 
All students are welcome to join! To be part of the competitive team and eligible for the scholarship, incoming students must also undergo an interview process and apply online with the Common Application . As a competitor and scholarship recipient, the student will be competing in several local and national tournaments through the American Forensics Association and other organizations dedicated to the practice of public speaking. Students will also be encouraged to engage in several projects and to assist in the organization of created on campus events.