Name: Dr. Audra Diers
Title: Assistant Professor in Organizational Communication and Public Relations
Office Location: Lowell Thomas 134C
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 6077
Degrees Held: Ph.D. University of Texas-Austin May 2006, Department of Communication Studies

M.A. University of Wyoming May, 1999, Department of Communication and Mass Media

B.A. Colorado State University May, 1997, Major: Speech Communication

Bio: At present, I have three primary areas of research interest focusing on analyzing strategic communication typically in intense contexts:

Crisis Response Strategy Analysis
Political Violence Discourse
Communication & Social Violence

Though because of my ties to intercollegiate speech and debate competition, I also have research related to forensics competition as well.

Recent Research

Recent Competitively Selected Published…

Diers, A. R., & Hatfield K.L. (2011). Getting off the fence: The iconic image of gay issues in the United States. In S.D. Ross & P.M. Lester (Eds.) Images That Injure 3rd Edition.

Diers, A. R. (Summer, 2010). Drawing the Line in the Sand: Re-grounding the Theory and Practice of Topicality Debate. National Forensics Journal, 28(1).

Diers, A. R., & Tomaino, K. (2010). Comparing strawberries and quandongs: A cross-national analysis of crisis response strategies. Observatorio Journal, 4(3) 21-57.

Recent Competitively Selected Conference Presentations…

Diers, A. R., & Donohue, J. (2011). Multi-media strategic crisis engagement: An analysis of BP’s enacted crisis response to the Deepwater Horizon Crisis in 2010. Presented at European Public Relations Education and Research Association Annual Conferences at the University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

Diers, A. R., & Pang, A. (2011). Rhetoric or remorse: An analysis of BP’s structure of apology in the Gulf Coast oil spill. Presented at the 2nd International Research Group on Crisis Communication Conference at Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark.

Diers, A. R., Gurien, D., & Otten, R. (2011). Lions or lambs? Analyzing the responsive role of BP’s corporate leaders during the Gulf spill crisis. Presented at the 2nd International Research Group on Crisis Communication Conference at Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark.

In addition to my academic duties, I spent more than a decade as a consultant focusing on integrated marketing communication and business development. Though I largely worked with small businesses, I have worked with multi-national corporations like Applied Materials, several local and state government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Interests: Outside of working, my husband Stuart and I enjoy sports, our two schipperkes Xander and Dani, film, loud music, and I have an entirely healthy addiction to playing World of Warcraft.