Name: Josh Robbins
Title: Assistant Professor > Media Arts
Office Location: Lowell Thomas 136B
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2209
Degrees Held:

MFA - Writing for Film and Television - University of Southern California
BA - Film Production - Hunter College, City University of New York.


Avid Technologies - Advanced Editing Techniques


Josh Robbins has worked in the entertainment industry in pre-production as a script reader, in production as a script supervisor, and in post-production as an assistant editor.

He has written seven feature film screenplays and two television spec scripts. At USC, his thesis script, "Summer Solstice," won the 2004 Jack Nicholson Award for best screenplay. His most recent script, "I'm Not Down," won first prize in both the Woods Hole and Landlocked Film Festivals' screenplay competitions.

In 2012, Josh became a lifelong Screenwriting Fellow at Los Angeles Film Independent, the non-profit organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, when his feature screenplay I'm Not Down was one of 10 projects chosen for its 2012 Screenwriting Lab.

In 2012, he was invited to join the Independent Writers Caucus of the Screenwriter's Guild of America.

In 2013, producers of his feature project I'm Not Down were chosen to take part in Los Angeles Film Independent's Fast Track film financing market during the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival.

He presented a paper, "The Rule of Threes: How Act Structure Works For and Against Film Art" at the 2009 University Film and Video Conference.

He presented a paper, "Teaching Story Structure Through Four Judd Apatow Productions" at the 2010 University Film and Video Conference,