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Is your resume ready for Spring '16?

Our next Resume Workshop will be held

Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm

Topics include:
Resumes - Pitfalls and Best Practices
Cover Letters Made Simple and Easy
Job Searching with Purpose
 Door Prizes!
 To Register, go to this link:
Or Visit our office @ LT150
Space is limited

Tip of the week:

Resumes should "tell your story." Try this keyword trick:

Review each substantial work experience or class project item on your resume and think of a single keyword that could summarize that experience. For example, if you had a summer job that gave you the opportunity to supervise others you might label that experience as "leadership" or "supervisor." Or, if you created a video editing project in a class you might label that as "creativity."

Do this for 3-5 items and list all of your keywords. Do these keywords help to tell your story? Are you being clear about your qualities and achievements?

Think about how you can re-write your resume to emphasize your key strengths.


Special Opportunities...

IRTS is a New York City organization that offers paid Summer internships with media companies to select students. This foundation works with some of the biggest names in broadcasting!

Eligible students who participate in this "media boot camp" receive all-expenses paid internship, housing, and an allowance!

Application Deadline - Nov. 1.

Visit their website for details...this one is worth considering!