-- Summer Internship Registration --

Registration begins April 12

You can sign up for Summer internship credits beginning April 12.

If you have questions concerning your Summer internship search or how to register for credits, contact us:

Internship Coordinator Sara Nowlin


Internship Director Prof. Gerry McNulty


845-575-3000, x2730

Please allow 24 hours for reply.
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Need to consult on your internship search?

Make an appointment or drop in to our office at Lowell Thomas 150.

To make an appointment,  click HERE or follow this link:

Drop-in hours:

Mondays               2:30-4:30 pm

Wednesdays        2:30-4:30 pm

Thursdays            9:30 am - Noon




NETWORKING EVENT 2016Caitlin Nolan

All students

James Iorio - Madison Square Garden


Nearly 50 Communication & Media Studies students participated in the 2016 Alumni-Student Networking event this year. Alumni offered career advice and guidance to student seeking to break into the competitive media industries.


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