How to Register for Your Spring '17 Internship

Interviews are under way for Spring 2017 internships. As students prepare to add internships to their Spring '17 schedules, they should remember this advice:

- It is best to cluster classes on 2 or 3 days per week, opening up blocks of time for internship hours.

- Identify 1 or 2 classes that are optional drops that can be eliminated to make room for internship hours

- Internship credits can be added anytime between now and the end of the course change period in January

For complete details on how to add your internship credits, download the handout, Spring 2017 Internship Registration Instructions.

QUESTIONS? Come to the Internship Program Office at LT 150. 




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Need help finding an internship?

We can help with all of these:

- Resume review

- Cover Letter writing

- Interview preparation

- Internship site identification

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