Credit Letters

...and other endorsements or authorizations of credit support

Many employers will ask students for "proof of credit" of their internships, as a condition of internship sponsorship. This proof of credit or enrollment can take many forms:

- a letter from your academic internship director

- a copy of an academic schedule listing an internship course

- a form issued by an employer that requires endorsement (signature) of an internship director at the college

Remember, employers conduct this practice for legal reasons. It is illegal for students to be involved in regular business activities in a workplace without one of these two conditions: 1) the student is PAID (employee status), or 2) the student earns credit (intern status).

To obtain a credit verification letter from the Communication & Media Studies Internship Program, follow this procedure:

- Check the REQUIREMENTS page on this web site to be sure that you qualify for a credit-bearing internship

- Open and print the Credit Verification Letter Request Form, supplying the necessary information to the Internship Program Staff.

- Submit the form to the Internship Program staff. You will be contacted by return e-mail to confirm your status.