Marist in Manhattan - Live, intern & study in New York City

picture of manhanttan skyline

Qualified students can earn 12-15 college credits, combining field experience and Internet-based coursework in the premiere Communications capital of the world. Students will be placed in a high-profile internship, spending 3 or more 8-hour work days per week in a professional setting. Also, students will be enrolled in a minimum of one 3-credit online course. All students will be required to maintain full-time status, or to remain enrolled for 12 or more credits during Fall & Spring semesters.

National surveys consistently show that internship experience benefits students when it comes to seeking jobs and launching their careers. These are just a few of the many benefits students receive from doing internships:

- Gain professional experience
- Make career contacts
- Enhance self-confidence
- Get a competitive edge in the job market
- Increase “insider” knowledge of the field

Marist in Manhattan is a competitive program. Students are encourage to download the Application Form and the Faculty Recommendation form. Students should contact the Communication Internship Program Office if they have questions.


Spring........Sept. 15
Fall.............March 1

For more information, go to Marist In Manhattan's web site!