Pre-requisite class


All students who wish to enroll in a Communication & Media Studies Internship must take and pass CRDV (Career Development) 100N Employment Practicum, a 1-credit class.

CRDV100 is offered during Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer sessions.

Students must take this 1-credit class PRIOR to enrolling in an internship.

For more information about registering for upcoming CRDV classes, click on the SUMMER '14 or FALL 14 links below.


***SUMMER '14 Course Offerings***

An online section of CRDV100 will be offered during the Summer session. Go to your Mymarist account and visit the "Course Offerings" and Registration pages for details.

Registration for Summer '14 courses runs from April 15-May 7.

***FALL '14 Course Offerings***

CRDV100 will be offered during the Fall '14 semester. There are 5 sections offered; 4 on-ground sections and 1 online section. Check course offerings for details.


If you have NOT TAKEN CRDV100...

In certain cases, the Internship Director will grant a waiver to students who have passed (with a grade of C or higher) CRDV 105 Career Planning. For more information, read, "If You Have Not Taken CRDV100..."