***Fall 2015***

Internship registration for Fall 2015  is now open.

----Please note that ALL credit-bearing internships must be approved by the Internship Director and that all students must Qualify for the program.

Here's what you will need to know and/or do:

- Do you qualify for credits? Go to the Requirements page.

- Do you have an "offer of hire" from an approved employer/sponsor?

- Do you know how many credits you wish to seek?

If you are ready, you may proceed.

Read the Foxquest Registration Instructions handouts for details.

Questions? Read the  Internship FAQs below, or view the SYLLABUS link on this website. 

More questions? Email the Internship Director at:



FAQs about Communication & Media Studies Internships

Are all Communication majors required to do an internship to graduate?

No, only Sports Communication concentration students have a 3-credit internship requirement..

Internships are optional for all other concentrations in Communication & Media Studies/Production.

What do you need to qualify?

-You must have GPA of 2.5 or above,

-Have completed 60 or more credits (For transfer students, 12 or more credits earned at Marist)

-Have passed the CRDV100 Employment Practicum course.

Do you need "proof of credit" documentation from Marist?  

If your internship sponsor/employer asked you for a “credit letter” or “proof of credit,” or gave you a form to be signed by a faculty or college supervisor, bring that information to the attention of Internship Program Office. Only the Internship Program is authorized to verify credit letters or sign a credit form.  Please bring the supervisor’s name/job title/address and related contact information. (See the link Credit Letters on this website for more information)

Can you take classes while interning during Fall or Spring? 

Yes. Most students take classes and intern simultaneously during the Fall or Spring semesters. Remember, when planning your Fall/Spring schedule it is best to set up open blocks of time for your internship by "clustering" classes onto 2 or 3 days per week. 

 How many internship credits can you enroll in? 

There is no limit on the number of internships, but there is a cap of 14 "internship'' credits. 

How are credits earned...what are the credit options?

You can register for 1 credit, 3 credit, 6 or more. Each internship credit requires a minimum of 45 "clock" hours of work, or about 3 hours per week for the length of the 15-week term. A common approach is to sign up for 3 credits for 1 full day (about 8 hours) of interning per week, 6 credits for 2 days per week, etc. It is often best to discuss your schedule with the Communication Internship Director.

How does the registration process work for internships?

All students must appear in person at the Communication Internship Program office to register for internship credit. Students can not enroll for a Communication internship via electronic registration.

Can the number of internship credits be changed during the internship?

No, the number of credits you register for can not be changed later - even if you discover that you are working more than you thought. All students must declare the number of credits they will seek at the time of registration.

When should I register for my internship credits?

It is best to send out your resume, interview and ACCEPT a position first...then register for credits as a last step in the process.

You can register during the Spring Registration period in early November, or wait until Spring classes begin in January and add the internship credits at that time.


 Questions?  Please feel free to stop in at the office – LT 150.

Or call us at 845 575-3655

Internship Director Prof. Gerry McNulty