Required forms and assignments



Students are required to complete several forms that document the internship experience and provide required information. All forms are required for successful completion of the internship. Instructions for each form is available on iLearn in the internship course shell open to all registered interns. Here are SAMPLES of the required forms. The actual forms are loaded in the iLearn course shell and should be downloaded or printed from your course shell.

Learning Contract

Time Log

Evaluation Form




Student interns are required to document, reflect upon and analyze their field experience. Such a process sets the internship apart from merely "working a job" as the student engages in proactive examination of the work experience, the role of the employer/sponsor, the creation of the media product and other processes connected to the experience.  Students engage in a series of reflection/analysis assignments that may take the form of writing, blogging, or creating video blogs or podcasts.


EXCERPT FROM "INTRODUCTION: How to do your internship writing assignments:"

Internship credits require students to work in the field and to document that work through analytical and reflective writing. These mirror the two key components of all experiential learning:

1) Having the 'experience'...seeing, doing, listening, learning, meeting people, accomplishing tasks, etc.

2) Reflecting on what you "learned" by having the experience. In other words, being able to explain clearly what you did, saw, heard, who you met, what you accomplished.

Start out by reading the descriptions for the first two writing assignments. It's a good idea to read the first two assignments in the beginning, before you write any of them. In this way, you will familiarize yourself with what is expected. Also, you will be able to focus your own thoughts on the type of knowledge and the skills that should make up a part of your field experience or internship.
There are no wrong answers. These reports and your Final Paper are composed of your observations, analysis, reflections and conclusions. They are unique to you and your personal experience...





Week 2 - Employer Organization & Structure

How is your workplace organized? Who is in charge in your department? How many people work there? Who reports to whom? How are tasks assigned and divided? Write a description of how work gets done, who does what. And, don't forget to include where interns fit into the bigger picture.

150-250 words


Week 6 - A Day/Week In This Life

Bring us into your world as an intern. Write a detailed description of a typical day/week that you spend as an intern. Describe your duties and activities, your workplace, your colleagues and co-workers. You may want to take a chronological approach, giving a report of how your day goes hour by hour. Or, maybe you want to take a narrative, descriptive approach...

200-300 words


Week 8 - Competition

What role does competition play for your internship employer? Who are its competitors? How does the company/organization deal with competitors? What strategies are in place to face competition? Do your co-workers talk about this issue? How do they deal with it? What have you learned about the role of competition in the media from your time at this internship?

200-300 words