Internship Program Requirements

The Communication & Media Studies Internship Program has the following requirements.

To qualify, you must have:

- Earned 60 or more college credits by the time you plan to BEGIN the internship

(transfer students must have completed 12 of those credits at Marist)

- Hold a Communication major/minor GPA of 2.5 or above

- Earned a passing grade in the pre-requisite class, CRDV100 Employment Practicum. (For more information about CRDV100, go to the link "Pre-requisite Class"

Students who enroll in a credit-bearing internship must meet the following criteria in order to earn a passing grade in their internships:

- Work the minimum number of "contact" hours at the internship site (you can exceed the minimum number of hours worked)

- Complete all writing assignments in a timely and satisfactory manner (See "Syllabus" link for more information)

- Submit Internship Time Logs, properly filled out and signed by student & supervisor, as per requirements

- Earn a positive Final Evaluation from your internship site supervisor

Interns receive a "Pass/Fail" grade for all internships.