Name: Dr. Ryan Rogers
Title: Assistant Professor
Office Location: Lowell Thomas 248
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2563
Degrees Held:

BA - Univeristy of Notre Dame

MA - Syracuse University

PhD - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Professional experience at media organizations includes FOX Sports, ESPN, the NFL Network and with Warner Brothers on a Harry Potter film. 

Awards & Honors:

Minnie S. and Eli A. Rubinstein Research Award

Top paper award for In control or in their shoes? How character attachment differentially influences video game enjoyment and appreciation at Broadcast Education Association 2013

Editor’s Choice award for Broadcast Journalism Lessons in Video Games in Academic Exchange Quarterly

Newhouse Master’s Prize for academic excellence


Selected Works:

Rogers, R. (2016). How Video Games Impact Players: The Pitfalls and Benefits of a Gaming Society. Lexington Books. 

Rogers, R., Dillman-Carpentier, F.  & Barnard, L. (2015). Media Enjoyment as a Function of Control over Characters. Entertainment Computing.

Bowman, N., Oliver, M., Rogers, R., & Sherrick, B. (2016). In control or in their shoes? How character attachment differentially influences video game enjoyment and appreciation. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

Rogers, R., Bowman, N, & Oliver, M. (2015). It’s not the model that doesn’t fit, it’s the controller! The role of cognitive skills in understanding the links between natural mapping, performance, and enjoyment of console video games. Computers in Human Behavior.

Research Interests:

Research interests center on the psychology of human-technology interaction.


Selected works:

Rogers, R. & Myrick, J. (2016). Pills and power ups: How in-game substance shapes players attitudes and real-life substance abuse intention. Scheduled for presentation at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Minneapolis, MN.

Eden, J. Rogers, R., & Hoffmann, N.  (2016). Impacting Student Satisfaction, Engagement and Motivation in Online and Traditional Classrooms. Presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association, Fukuoka, Japan.

Rogers, R., Strudler, K., Decker, A, & Grazulius, A. (2016). Can Technology Make the Fan Experience Better? A Model of Enjoyment for Sports Spectators. Presented at the annual conference of the Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas, NV.