Fashion Internships



  • Permission of the Internship Coordinator
  • Matriculation in a bachelor's degree program
  • GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Completion of course work that relates to the duties being performed at the work site. At minimum, students must have successfully completed FASH100L-Fashion in Culture & Commerce
  • 60 or more credits (transfer students must have earned at least 12 credits at Marist), or at the discretion of the internship coordinator
  • Students must meet the qualifications established by the internship employer.


How to apply for an internship:

  1. Print out and fill in the Internship Request Form.
  2. Place the completed form in the Internship & Placement Coordinator's mailbox located in the Fashion Program Donnelly 254 with your resume attached. If you do not have a resume, please refer to the Marist College Career Services webpage and construct a resume, bring to Career Services for review prior to submitting your Internship Request Form.
  3. After submitting your form & resume to the Internship Coordinator, sign up for an internship meeting. 
  4. Be prepared to discuss your goals and review your audit & resume at your internship meeting.