Film, Television, Games, and Interactive Media Student Learning Outcomes

Program Mission

The BA in Media Studies and Production offered through the Film, Television, Games, and Interactive Media department fosters critical thinking, strong hands-on skills, and creativity in the study and production of media. Drawing from a strong liberal arts foundation, the program integrates the history, theory, and analysis of visual culture with production experience and internship opportunities in the areas of television, film, interactive media, and game design. It prepares students for fulfilling careers in a wide-range of media industries, and for graduate programs in production and media studies.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to demonstrate an understanding of media history and theory, and the ability to translate this knowledge successfully into practice through the gathering, evaluating and synthesizing of information from various sources.
  2. Be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing and through various forms of media technologies.
  3. Be able to demonstrate a creative, innovative, aesthetic and critical skills in producing visual, audio, and/or written works of excellence.