Media Studies and Production Course Requirements


Film & Television Concentrationstudents in control room

MDIA 101 Introduction to Media Studies

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox

MDIA 120 Art of Film

MDIA 201 Writing for Media

MDIA 203 Video Production

MDIA 480 Capping

Select one:

MDIA 321 Television Theory and Criticism

MDIA 322 Film Theory and Criticism

Select three:

MDIA 320 History of Electronic Media

MDIA 323 Film and History

MDIA 324 Experimental Film and Video

MDIA 325 Documentary

MDIA 326 Race and Ethnicity in Film

MDIA 331 Current Issues in Television

MDIA 332 Current Issues in Film

MDIA 339 Film and Literature

MDIA 421 Topics in Television

MDIA 422 Topics in Global Cinema

Select four. One must be at the 400 level

MDIA 301 Screenwriting for Film and Television

MDIA 302 Editing

MDIA 304 Audio Production

MDIA 305 Lighting and Cinematography

MDIA 306 Media Performance

MDIA 401 Advanced Screenwriting

MDIA 402 Advanced Post Production

MDIA 403 Multi-Camera Production

MDIA 405 Digital Filmmaking

Electives : Two elective courses at any level from Communication or Film, Television, Games, and Interactive Media