Part-Time Option

The part-time option for the Masters in Communication is entirely online, allowing students to complete the degree in two years. Part-time students enroll in two intensive eight-week courses in the fall & spring semesters, and one course during the summer sessions. Comprehensive exams are scheduled for the third week in August after the completion of the final seminar. Those writing a thesis will complete and defend their work during the second summer.

Course Schedule

Fall I Spring I
COMG 500 - Communication Theory COMG 502 - Persuasion
COMG 501 - Research Strategies & Methods COMG 503 - Media Relations
Summer I
COMG 621 - Leadership Communication
Fall II Spring II
COMG 600 - Organizational Communication COMG 620 - The Role of Communication in Conflict and Negotiation
COMG 601 - Interpersonal Communication MPA 530 - Managing Organizational Change
Summer II
COMG 602 - Seminar in Communication OR
COMG 700 - Thesis*

*Students wishing to pursue a thesis must notify the M.A. program director of their intent to apply for this option by October 1 of their first year.