Thesis/Non-Thesis Option

The thesis represents a guided research effort by a graduate student wishing to demonstrate mastery of the theoretical and applied knowledge she or he has gained in the Masters program. The thesis option at Marist College is highly competitive and requires formal approval by the program director. Students in the part-time program who wish to apply for this option must notify the graduate director of their intent to apply by October 1 of the fall of their second year. Students in the full-time program must apply for this option by October 1 of their first year. Students will submit a formal proposal for a thesis and must be granted permission to proceed by the thesis committee and the program director. Upon approval of the proposal, research will be conducted and once completed, will be defended before a thesis committee. A limited number of students will be accepted into the thesis track each year.

For those not seeking research opportunities or transition to a Ph.D., the non-thesis option requires a final seminar course and comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams will cover three areas: Communication Theory, Research Methods, and an Applied Area in Communication. The Graduate Committee will grade the exams. Full- and part-time students will take exams online in the 3rd week of August after completing all coursework. If a student fails, he/she can petition the Graduate Committee to retake the exam in January.