Marist In Manhattan Costs

2016-2017 Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees Amount Fall Spring
Application Fee $50 Due Feb. 15 Due Sept. 15
2015-2016 Tuition
(Pays for 15 credits)

Activities Fee

(Pays for orientation/luncheon seminars, Broadway shows, other activities & farewell dinner)

$575 Due upon billing Due upon billing
Note: Tuition/fees subject to annual increases, usually set each May by the Marist Board of Trustees

Housing Fees

SINGLE Room - $1,750 per month


DOUBLE Room - $1,550 per month 


*Marist in Manhattan strongly recommends students opt for Single Rooms 

Rates are subject to change, as per requirement of 92nd St. Y


Housing Amount Fall Spring
Room Deposit

Single - $1,750

Double - $1,550
Due April  15 Due Nov. 1
Note: Housing costs may be subject to increase, as required by 92nd St. Y Residence

Sample Semester Fees...2016-17

Application Fee $50
Activities Fee $575

Tuition 2016-17 (per semester)



Rent - Double (4 months) $6,200
TOTAL $24,100



Financial Aid for Visiting Students

NOTE: Visiting students - those students not enrolled full-time with Marist previous to their acceptance in the Manhattan Program, are not eligible for any financial aid from Marist College. Visiting students should check with their home school's Financial Aid office regarding the possibility of transferring scholarships, loans, grants or other forms of Financial Aid.  Rules vary by school, so be sure to visit your Financial Aid office and investigate this before you apply.